The Nadaun Town is situated at the bank of river Beas at a distance of 28 Km from Hamirpur District Head Quarter. The Nadaun Nagar Panchayat has an area of about 2.28 Square Kilometer with a population 4429 souls as per the approximation made in 2011 census. Town is situated between 31°78′N north latitude and 76°35′E east latitude the altitude of town is 508 Mtr. above mean sea level. Nagar Panchayat Nadaun consists seven

Battle of Nadaun
The Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb's expeditions in Deccan in 1690s, had put considerable strain on the Mughal exchequer. As a result, Aurangazeb issued orders to recover annual tributes from the rulers of Shivalik hills, who had been defaulting on the payment. Alif Khan was given the responsibility of recovering dues from Kangra and adjoining principalities. The Raja of Kangra and another chieftain called Raja Dayal yielded to the demands of Alif Khan. However, Raja Bhim Chand of Kahlur (Bilaspur) refused to oblige and formed an alliance with other chieftains opposed to the Mughals. Guru Gobind Singh also decided to support Bhim Chand. Alif Khan's Mughal army and his aides were defeated at a battle in Nadaun. The date of the battle is given differently by different authors, as 1687, 1689, 1690, 20 March 1691, and 4 April 1691. After the battle ended, Guru Gobind Singh stayed in Nadaun for eight days, before returning to Anandpur. Later, Maharaja Ranjit Singh built a gurdwara on the spot where the Guru had pitched his tent. The Gurdwara was affiliated to Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee in 1935. Bulleh Shah mentions Nadaun as City of Innocent. He is said to have written the famous saying about Nadaun "Aaye Nadaun Jaaye Kaun" (Who comes to Nadaun would never want to go back). In his famous poem "Bulla Ki Janna mein Kaun", he has a mention of Nadaun as : "Na mein rehnda Vich Nadaun".

Wards of Nagar Panchayat Nadaun are following:

  1. HosipitalWard
  2. Pattan Bazaar Ward
  3. Jain Mohalla ward
  4. Dreian Mohalla ward
  5. Upper BazaarWard
  6. Inder Pal Bus stand ward
  7. Dolighrana and Nagarda ward